Caffe' Borbone Espresso Pods

Caffe' Borbone Espresso Pods

Caffe' Borbone is a long established roaster in the Naples region. The balance and flavor of their coffees will confirm that the traditional roasting ethos is still very much intact. Borbone only ships whole beans to the U.S., where they are ground and packaged on order by their distributor. This results in especially fresh pods delivered to our warehouse.

An old legend... On the 10th of May of AD 1734, it is told that Charles of Borbone, ruler of Naples and King of Spain, before coming to Naples, wanted to stop in the convent of Minimi Friars, just outside Porta Capitone. He wanted to taste that dark beverage, rich of intense scents, with strong and decided taste, which he was told to possess the property to strengthen the body and the soul, and that was prepared so scrupulously by the friars for the new King. That was the period during which the Neapolitan taste in preparing the coffee was born. And 250 years later, the technologies change and get better, but the passion and the care in preparing the real coffee in the Neapolitan way is stronger for us, as only Neapolitan people are able to do.

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Caffe Borbone Gold Blend Espresso Pods

Borbone's 100% Arabica blend treated to a masterful Neapolitan roast, and formed into an espresso pod.

This is the same coffee as our previously offered PodMerchant 100% Arabica.

Dedicated to the coffee enthusiast: the best of the authentic Neapolitan tradition, with a perfect twist.

Caffe Borbone Blu Blend Espresso Pods

Neapolitan roasted Arabica with just the right amount of Robusta to create a flavorful espresso with balance, appealing to most espresso drinkers.

This is the same coffee as our previously offered PodMerchant House Blend.

A perfect blend of roasted coffee beans, unique and refined. So good to make your local coffee shop envy you.

Caffe Borbone Red Blend Espresso Pods

Borbone Red is an Arabica / Robusta blend favoring the Robusta side for greater hardiness, body, crema, and caffeine. It's a great morning coffee. It is a pod for those who like their espresso strong, and also a natural for making cappuccinos and lattes. Roasted in Napoli for that unmistakable Neapolitan flavor.

This is the same coffee as our previously offered PodMerchant Stout.

Caffe Borbone Decaf Espresso Pods

Caffe' Borbone's decaffeinated version of their fine Neapolitan roast. A truly amazing decaf espresso pod.

This may be the best decaffeinated coffee you will ever taste!

This is the same coffee as our previously offered PodMerchant Decaf.